It is no myth that siblings fight. Sometimes it is healthy for the relationship and in my case always fun. But till what extent?

Its a story about two sisters. One social and the other reserved. One could adjust just about anywhere in the world and the other couldn’t. One bearing the responsibilities of being an elder one and the  other enjoying being the younger much doted upon daughter.

Fight, they did. Occasional whiny quarrels, they had. Parents always acting as the referee between them. While one was loud enough and had glass clear soul, the other fought in dark. While one refused to share, the other did share. While with one it was everything or nothing, with the other it was ‘I’ll take the bigger slice’.

And the last but certainly not the least —  in the minds of shallow, self-contradicting and hypocritical people — difference between their apparent skin colour.

While their loving parents; who say that they love each of them equally; doted on the younger, more fair in coloured daughter often making the ‘being fair’ fact much prominent than necessary. Whether in front of the other daughter or not, did make a negative impact on both of their minds.

While complimenting the younger daughter, the parents made a mistake of making it seem like the ‘being fair’ quotient was a beauty quotient and a very important and desirable fact. So now that made think the younger one as being the beautiful one amongst the sisters. And while they fought their juvenile fights, one of the not-so-innocent jibes at the other was for not being white enough.

Jealousy is a common human trait. It too is sometimes good and most of the time bad for any sort of relationship.

So, yesterday, the elder sister shed her innocent tears because she isn’t fair enough. Now whoever, made her feel that having a fair coloured skin is important was brutally wrong.

I didn’t feel like the younger sister was at fault, she could hardly help what she was, apparently taught. Their parents, maybe yes, they were at fault. Apparently they too were brought up, being taught such racist thoughts. So intentional or not, they did put in the mind of the younger daughter, that being fair was preferred to not being fair.

Unconsciously, today parents are teaching their children, the racist thoughts. The so-called modern and educated beings are teaching their children, especially daughters, of the importance of being beautiful and being fair.

So, whatever happened to looking deep into one’s soul to search for beauty? Is that what parents are teaching now, that being beautiful and fair is the only way and if you are not you need to put on fake beauty using make-up or perhaps plastic surgery.

Now, I don’t understand whether I should feel complimented or insulted when people give me as an example to being fair. I want to ask all these people, that is that all I am worth? What about all the other talents of mine, which you never mention or compliment me on?

Is that women empowerment?


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