I know this topic of intolerance prevailing in India (also many other countries as well) has become an old one now. There are no discussions going on, on the topic except in classrooms perhaps but that doesn’t mean that the issue has to be abandoned. Also, this write up is to prove that an issue can be addressed without having celebrities in the limelight. So, this is me putting forth my opinion on the same.


Promising to build a temple in Ayodhya has become an old trick now for the Indian politicians to win votes. So to keep all the politicians out there updated, the new trend is to promise bringing effective ban on consumption of beef. For further reference you can also take advantage of our country’s constitution, made keeping in mind the secularism of our country, which protects cows from slaughter in its Article 48. All that you will need to do is to keep the people from discovering how it contradicts our democratic system of government which allows a person to live with utter freedom. And you will also have to hide the fact that this law tilts slightly in the favour of the Hindu society in a so-called secular country. But of course an easy solution to this problem will be to say that the constitution also includes some Islamic rules such as letting a Muslim man orally divorce his wife or to have the lawful right to marry four women. So you know you can say “Equal rights” or rather “Balanced rights.”

Secularism is India’s strongest point and it seems that the politicians are very well aware of it, for they exploit it thoroughly. It seems, with reference to the recent Dadri lynching incident, it is very much logical in accordance with religion that man slaughter is permissible but not cow slaughter. So, it seems logical to ban cow meat but not man meat. But did anyone pay attention to the 2015’s budget list, which lists leather footwear priced above ₨. 1,000 per pair will be spared from paying more because the government has cut taxes on leather footwear. And most importantly does anyone know that leather is made of cow skin, where a cow is skinned alive? And so, the hypocrisy continues.

What makes sense, more specifically common sense, is to let freedom prevail in a secular India. To eat or not to eat beef should be an individual’s choice, a choice where no one should neither be allowed to stop one from consuming it nor force anyone to consume it. This individual choice, will keep the freedom part intact.

Besides, it isn’t smart to let Hinduism grow to extremism much like Jihad. If it is let then India might as well turn into a Hindu version of ISIS itself. Nor is it smart to let religion rule a country, much less a country this diverse in its religious and cultural form.



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