It all began at the college. We were made to watch the movie, The Stoning of Soraya M. By the title, I know most of you have already guessed its content. The movie is based on a woman in Iran, who is framed by her husband, and is falsely accused of adultery. The punishment to such a crime is death by stoning.

This movie, even though disturbing, is based on real events. It is adapted from the international bestseller La Femme Lapidée by Freidoune SahebjamThe author of the book is a French-Iranian Journalist who records the story of the woman as told by her aunt.

The movie has touched and wrenched my heart. So here, I have written a poem on all such women as Soraya.

...THUD! And the stone hits me
'That's gonna leave a bruise'
I think, while I look down on those kids
Playing, who hit me, accidently
CHILDREN! I smile at 'em and go on about my work.

I do this, I do that
I clean the house, I cook the food
I look after the children
And fall in love with 'em, again and again
But I love all this
'Cause all this comes in the daylight
And daylight is so much better
than the dark of the night...

Darkness eventually falls
It could have been beautiful
To look at the diamonds in the sky
Had my eyes teared not
Blurring them down to dark again
It's time, HE is about to come
And HE does, we've dinner together
Like all other family does.

As the innocents close their eyes,
the Beast opens his;
And my body prepares itself,
But all in vain...
HE hits me, HE robs me,
HE takes me,
HE takes all that I could give,
And much much more...

Day shines again
And I forget the night, again
My Aunt warns me 
HE doesn't want me
But I know that
Also, that I can't leave
For there would be no one
for the girls and me.

Night falls again, Day shines thereafter
Aunt warns me again
HE wants to rid me
I know that and that he can't
Aunt warns me again
But I turn deaf
'It can't get worse than it is'
I sneer in myself.

Day shined again
But this time, the dark followed through
Aunt is a nervous ball
NOW, it's all justified
the warnings
The verdict has come and I've grown cold
I don't mind death, it is peaceful
But I mind the dying, and the stones...

...THUD, the stone didn't hit me
HE can't hit me
My father who has disowned me,
THUD, and it hits me
The pain, ohhh... the pain
HE hit me, but that is ancient
They all hit me, it is dying
My sons hit me, it is death...

Decorating the barren mud,

It is a relief
Finally, I'm leaving
HIM and the men
My misery and the pain
My body and the bruises
For the meadow and the flowers...

Soraya isn’t the only one who is a victim of this heinous crime and oppression. There are, disappointingly, millions like her out there and another million dead. There are still stories untold and unheard of. The world needs to stand up together against these laws. Laws that oppresses women, which punishes the innocents (man or woman) and which carries out torturous executions.

I write this, hoping that it will somewhere, somehow make a difference, no matter how small.



Your thoughts will make my day...

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