A picture A day – 1

DSC_0270 (2).jpg
The Children of Slum

Me and my friend visited this slum during our practical hour and I got to take this picture of a bunch of curious and excited kids. They were excited to see two strangers with a camera in hand. These kids fortunately do go to school but their living conditions is as bad as you can probably imagine. They are to grow up in small roadside place where the garbage is dumped. But the dirt isn’t theirs, instead its that of the city dwellers living in posh apartments with clean surroundings and who would never accept garbage being dumped near their living place.

I took this shot as the kids curiously peered up into the camera.


2 thoughts on “A picture A day – 1

  1. definitely a different take on slums. cool how you say they don’t even own the dirt they stand on – it’s more true than not and nobody thinks about it. This picture captures great innocence too. I’m looking forward to following you day-to-day posts

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