A picture A day – 2

DSC_0273 (2).jpg
Children of the Slum – 2

This is a follow up on my previous image. Here, in the background you can actually see where they live and it isn’t just one or two kids living there but a whole bunch of them. The teenager in a dark blue sweater in the back is Sunitha with eye sight issue. Her parents can’t afford any good treatment. They tried at several government hospitals but in vain as they  were unable to help her. In the coming years, there is a high probability that she might lose her sight completely.


MRJACKMARTIN rightly commented on the previous picture saying it showed the innocence of the children. It is true. But unfortunately, in a few years it won’t remain the same. These children are the most vulnerable target for every bad thing in this world. Some might grow up dealing in drugs and some might become prostitutes or maybe raise generations and generations in the same destitute of unescapable poverty.

Even though I haven’t been able to help these people in any way, I didn’t want their stories to be forgotten deep in the back of my mind and hence I am putting this up for the world to hear them.


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