This post may be coming a bit late but what matters is that it is being posted — at least for me.

Dalits and muslims in certain parts of India are being targeted in the name of cow protection. Now, the phrase ‘Cows over Humans’ has become a cliché in Indian languages. Recently, dalits in Gujarat, India were harassed for skinning a dead cow by some cow vigilante groups. The harassment still continues.

In the wake of these harassments, Bangalore city in Karnataka, South India came together — albeit a small group — to voice their displeasure on the issue.

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These small protests hundreds of miles away from the conflict area may not make a big difference or even be newsworthy enough to be covered by mainstream media but what matters is that there were people socially concerned enough to carry out the protest — as pointed out to me by a friend of mine. At the least the discussions on such issues isn’t dying over only a dinner argument.


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