AKIRA, a Campaign for Mental Health Issues

Akira - Where Mind Matters. A campaign spreading awareness on mental health issues.


The Protest that MAY make a Difference

This post may be coming a bit late but what matters is that it is being posted -- at least for me. Dalits and muslims in certain parts of India are being targeted in the name of cow protection. Now, the phrase 'Cows over Humans' has become a cliché in Indian languages. Recently, dalits in … Continue reading The Protest that MAY make a Difference

A picture A day – 4

The BBMP (Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike) employs conservancy workers in the Bangalore city of India. Srinivas is one such, among the uncountable numbers who suffer through the same problems but are too uneducated to demand their rights. This man standing in a pile of dirty stinking garbage has to load the pile into the garbage … Continue reading A picture A day – 4

A picture A day – 3

Another follow up on the previous two images. This is the picture of the slum kids home. Originally, I thought of doing it in Black and White since it show the darkness and hopelessness better; but I didn't because this story needed its colour. In colour we can clearly see what their roof is made up of … Continue reading A picture A day – 3