Imagination V/S. Reality

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy. What happens when the lines are blurred? This a poem on the same.


RACISM in the minds of CHILDREN ?

It is no myth that siblings fight. Sometimes it is healthy for the relationship and in my case always fun. But till what extent? Its a story about two sisters. One social and the other reserved. One could adjust just about anywhere in the world and the other couldn't. One bearing the responsibilities of being an … Continue reading RACISM in the minds of CHILDREN ?


As the first lights of sunlight peep through the bloody red curtains of the window from the room I sleep in, I am once again thrown into reality -- well not exactly once again as even my dreams, more likely nightmares don't let me be in fairyland anymore. It all began on this one day, … Continue reading THE HAUNTED DILEMMA

Almost Fiction

Its April in the year of sometime, Doesn't make sense while walking down that road, But she can't help, unbeknownst to her, Harmony playing in her heart, The wind just the right one, She can't stop, stop from wandering off to that some place, For reasons unknown, her hearts running a marathon, Is it adrenaline, a quest … Continue reading Almost Fiction