Imagination V/S. Reality

There is a fine line between reality and fantasy. What happens when the lines are blurred? This a poem on the same.


RACISM in the minds of CHILDREN ?

It is no myth that siblings fight. Sometimes it is healthy for the relationship and in my case always fun. But till what extent? Its a story about two sisters. One social and the other reserved. One could adjust just about anywhere in the world and the other couldn't. One bearing the responsibilities of being an … Continue reading RACISM in the minds of CHILDREN ?

Thought Processes and Starry Eyed Resolves

Exams are up, even though they are pre semesters, it is important if not for us then our very anxious parents. I haven't updated any posts for a while now. It tempts me every time whenever I open up my browser to check up on the daily stats. And every time it disappoints me how I never … Continue reading Thought Processes and Starry Eyed Resolves


As the first lights of sunlight peep through the bloody red curtains of the window from the room I sleep in, I am once again thrown into reality -- well not exactly once again as even my dreams, more likely nightmares don't let me be in fairyland anymore. It all began on this one day, … Continue reading THE HAUNTED DILEMMA